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1401 O'Connor Dr.  Unit 5,                 

East York, ON M4B 2V5, Canada

1401 O'Connor Dr.  Unit 5,                 

East York, ON M4B 2V5, Canada
Phone:  905-201-7001

Treatment Customization

There are several ways that 3D printing can be implemented in dentistry, including:  

  • Night guards, mouth guards, aligners, and retainers.  The primary benefits of 3D printing for aligners and guards are speed and accuracy.

  • Same day crowns.  With 3D printing, creating crowns is much simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

  • When it comes to treating a dental issue, it’s crucial to get things right the first time. By using 3D printers, dentists can create an accurate model of the patient’s mouth and ensure that the aligner, crown, or implant fits with precision.

Maximizing Efficiency

We will thoroughly examine your teeth to determine if and when you might benefit from 3D printing. For our same-day crown patients, we can make the permanent restorations for you while you wait. If you’re an orthodontic patient in need of clear aligners, we’ll make them for you in the office without the need for a second appointment. 3D printing is one of the best ways to make your dental experience easier and more convenient than ever before.

Outstanding Clinical Results

By making the aforementioned products ourselves, our patients are able to start their treatment much faster—they often receive their custom-made aligners in just a day or two. And, for our patients currently using retainers, our printer even allows us to quickly repair or make new ones as needed, meaning patients never have to wait too long for a replacement.

From protecting teeth from grinding and impact injuries to straightening misaligned teeth to fixing broken teeth, Dr. Khan implements 3D printing technology in a variety of ways to ensure optimal results for patients.

3D Printing

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