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1401 O'Connor Dr.  Unit 5,                 

East York, ON M4B 2V5, Canada

1401 O'Connor Dr.  Unit 5,                 

East York, ON M4B 2V5, Canada
Phone:  905-201-7001

Painless, Non-Invasive 

With us, we can restore your chipped, cracked, or broken tooth with a completely custom-made dental crown, veneer or denture in just one visit thanks to our high-tech Planmeca Emerald™ S system. With this technology, rather than relying on messy dental putty and an outside dental lab to make your restoration, we can handle everything in-house in about an hour!  


The whole process starts with Dr. Khan preparing your tooth to fit the restoration, and then she’ll use a high-resolution scanner to create a digital 3D image of it. Using this image, she’ll design your crown so that it seamlessly fits into your mouth and matches your natural tooth color. 

Unmatched Precision

The Planmeca EmeraldS™ boasts continuous scanning technologies, superior speed, and unprecedented accuracy. Capturing digital impressions is gag-free and has never been easier.  Once the scan is complete the information is saved in a analyzing software where our doctors plan and design.

3D Scanning

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